As a local business, you are eligible for special offers on Cleve-rish swag. These discount are designed to help you increase revenue this St. Patricks Day and to do good by supporting Cleveland youth.

For your convenience, we have three options to choose from. Feel free to request a unique blend of these options as well.

  1. As a local business, you are eligible to purchase our Cleve-rish products at a discounted rate, allowing you to resell at our retail price (that’s right you get to keep the profits!).

  2. Don’t feel like selling? Allow us to set up a small, fully staffed booth to display and sell our products in your establishment on St. Patrick’s Day and receive 20% of all Cleve-rish product sales made in your establishment.

  3. Finally, your are eligible to purchase products at full price with the option to personalize with your branding for a modest upcharge per item (t-shirts only). This option is a perfect way to offer consistent Cleve-rish branding for staff on the big day.

Check out our Cleve-rish swag and if you wish to place an order, contact us and we will send you a link to an online order form.

We are currently planning on our first shipment of products to go out Mid/Late February. Act quickly to ensure you receive your shipment before St. Patricks Day.