Partner Bio:

Open Doors Academy

1427 East 36th Street, Suite 4206A
(Building 42, 6th Floor)
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
(216) 229-1900


Polis Woodworking has worked with the scholars at Open Doors Academy (ODA) for the last 2 years during summer programming. Throughout their time together, at-risk youth experienced an art form that many had never been exposed to through learning about the history and process of woodworking. Collaboratively, ODA students and Polis staff worked to create beautiful pieces of art that culminated into a meaningful project around global issues. The marriage of art and global education has helped our scholars to process emotions through art and project-based learning. ODA is grateful to have maintained such a strong and meaningful relationship with Polis— a truly creative, engaging, and innovative organization that does great work to support our community.
— Amy Btiebet, Chief Program Officer at Open Doors Academy

Addressing the issue of gun violence in CLE.

Addressing issues of depression and suicide, and issues related to global communications.

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