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Polis Woodworking and 3-Point Initiative are launching their first collaborative workshop, Foundations of Woodworking - a free, nine-week, design, build and marketing experience for the empowerment of Cleveland youth.

CLEVELAND, OHIO – June 6, 2017 – As our Foundations of Woodworking class approaches its launch date in Cleveland’s Lee-Miles neighborhood, we want to inform the public about a free, nine-week, design, build, marketing opportunity that we are making available to interested youth.

Cleveland youth are currently swimming in a sea of possibility because of the convergence of three trends

Trend 1: It has been noted that 40% of high school graduates will never end up going to an institution of higher learning, and by 2018, 57% of jobs will be in the skilled labor industry with very few people to fill those positions. This skilled labor deficit is the result of an educational restructuring that took place in the late ‘90’s and early ‘00’s, which led to the removal of shop classes to make room for technology education and college preparation. Charles Cotton, of 3-Point Initiative, was one of the several Cleveland shop teachers who lost their job during this time. But he is back! He is now taking his over 30 years of experience and joining forces with the over 20 years of experience of Bryan Overbaugh, owner of Polis Woodworking, to offer this workshop.

 But this is not just about non-college-bound students, this is about all youth. Even when we take college out of the equation, all students are adversely affected by this shift in educational emphases. The removal of shop classes served to reduced opportunities for students to practically apply other academic disciplines, the opportunity for students to learn basic skills, while gaining the psychological benefits that come from working with one’s hands.

 Trend 2: There has been a decline in local, quality, hand-made wood products and an increase in unsatisfactory wooden imports, seizing 1/3 of domestic demand.  But the rise in per capita disposable income has provided a market for small-scale and high-quality wood products.

 Trend 3:  There has been an upsurge in socially-minded consumers. The Conscious Consumer Spending Index has noted that 64% of Americans say it is important to purchase from businesses that have a strong social concern.

By creating locally social wood products, through the engagement of kids and teens with age-appropriate workshop opportunities, we are making greater strides toward empowering the youth who are the hope for our collective future.  In the current market, Polis is leveraging the demand for quality, local products and the rise of the socially conscious consumer, as a sustainable away to provide youth with skills that empower.

For us to offer this class for free, we need community support. If you are able and willing, please consider placing your donation, today, at www.poliswoodworking.org/donate

If you would like to know more information about this initiative, please contact us.


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