Team-Building Workshops

with Rex Krueger


Polis Woodworking’s team-building workshops are a great way to invest in your employees.

Here’s how it works: we offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshops based around building things your office needs. You tell us what you want, and we design a custom experience where your employees make things, share a common experience, and develop their ability to work together.


In a half-day or full-day workshop, your team can make something simple and useful like business-card holders, custom in-boxes or file-organizers. We’ll design and test the project before your team arrives and be ready to guide them through the whole building process. All materials and tools are provided.

In our two-day workshops, your team will make something bigger and more ambitious, like a reception desk or a table for a common area. We will come to your office before the workshop, listen to your needs, meet your team and collaboratively design your piece. After the design is finalized, your team will come to Polis and build their piece from scratch.

These multi-day workshops are an ideal opportunity for your team to solve problems, think fast, and work together toward a common goal. Getting out of the office and working with our hands makes us more creative, bonds teams together, and gives people a lasting memory of shared work.

When clients and colleagues visit your office, you can show off your new desk or table and mention that you built it. You can invest in your space and your people at the same time.

Sound good?

Call or email today and we’ll discuss projects and designs. You might be surprised at how little this experience costs and how much you get.