What People are Saying About Polis

“[We] started working with Polis Woodworking during the 2017-18 school year. Our goal was to connect our students with a dynamic partner in the city of Cleveland. We want our students to see what people who love to make, and build, and design actually do. We also wanted students to be able to apply math and science skills beyond the traditional classroom and textbook way of learning content. Polis far exceeded our expectations. Students enjoyed working with Polis at our school, but they
particularly loved getting to go to Polis’ shop to work off school grounds. When we ask students to redo a problem in math class, they don’t want to. When Bryan from Polis suggests that students redo a cut, or try again, students welcome the feedback and get
to work. When working with Polis, Design Lab students are applying content in a real-world context, while also learning to plan, persevere, finish a task, and take pride in their work. We can’t wait to work with Polis again this year!”

                                              - Eric Juli, Principal at Design Lab Early College High School (CMSD)

“Polis Woodworking has worked with the scholars at Open Doors Academy (ODA) for the last 2 years during summer programming. Throughout their time together, at-risk youth experienced an art form that many had never been exposed to through learning about the history and process of woodworking. Collaboratively, ODA students and Polis staff worked to create beautiful pieces of art that culminated into a meaningful project around global issues. The marriage of art and global education has helped our scholars to process emotions through art and project-based learning. ODA is grateful to have maintained such a strong and meaningful relationship with Polis-- a truly creative, engaging, and innovative organization that does great work to support our community.”

- Amy Btiebet, Chief Program Officer at Open Doors Academy



"Polis is amazing. They have a great mission and do great work. I have been impressed by their approach and the things they produce. On top of that their ability to get kids involved and working with their hands and learning new skills is special."

- Andy Batten, Lighthouse Inc.

"Polis has helped me in many ways. Polis has taught me to use my hands and learn new skills every time I visit. It's a great opportunity to get out and learn new things. The greatest thing about Polis is you get to make whatever comes to mind. It's peaceful, busy, and hard work, but it's worth every minute of your time."

- Alex, Student

"I love Polis! I have a handmade cutting board, bottle opener, jewelry tree and spring wooden flowers. The craftsmen at Polis have taught my kids so much about creativity coming to life."

- Cindy, Cleveland


“Polis Woodworking provides a hands-on woodworking and tool usage experience that allows our students to build confidence, develop and practice interpersonal skills and practice self advocacy in a creative, thoughtful and safe environment.”

- Rhonda DiOrio, Vocational Resource Manager at PEP-Greenview