A collaborative Effort


Like many great ventures, it all started unexpectedly.

One day, two worlds collided! Finding a common interest, the development and empowerment of today’s youth, our passions found solidarity. While you may or may not have felt the residual effects of the aforementioned collision, one thing is for certain, you will see and feel the effects that we will have upon the youth of Cleveland.

With a combination of over 50 years of experience, Polis Woodworking (Bryan Overbaugh) and 3-Point Initiative (Charles Cotton) are looking to effect substantive change by equipping kids with the skills needed to rise above the systemic issues that keep them stuck.


We aim to effect change by...

  • imparting liberating and empowering skills.
  • allowing youth to tap into their imagination to create unprecedented      possibility.
  • teaching youth to work with their hands.
  • to guide students through a design, build, and marketing experience.
  • reinforcing academic disciplines through practical activities, via woodworking.
  • reinforcing the worth and value that our youth possess.
  • allowing youth to gain valuable leadership skills to empower others.
  • by overcoming socio-economic barriers to create a new and equitable future for all Clevelanders.