Making the Joiner's Mallet

Making the Joiner's Mallet


The traditional joiner's mallet is a centuries-old tool that is still essential for the modern woodworker or furniture maker. With its substantial head, the tool can deliver soft taps and solid blows, all without damaging tools or projects.

In this class, we will make the joiner's mallet the way craftspeople have done it for hundreds of years. We'll start with a solid block of hardwood which we will bore and shape for comfort and durability. The end product will be a serious tool that will last for years.

This project is perfect for beginning or intermediate woodworkers and will cover topics like drawing layout lines, chopping a mortise, chamfering and shaping with a plane and working with a spokeshave. All tools and materials will be provided. Just wear comfortable clothes.

Adults over 18 only

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